Opening Statement

Bonnie and Clyde is stuck between three eras: the depression-era 30s in which it is set, the rebellious 60s signified by the conflict in Vietnam, and the time of the American West outlaws. I was struck by how much Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are influenced by and how much the film views them as mythic figures only seen in the Wild West — by Aaron Pinkston, August 14, 2017

Sexual Dysfunction, Romance, and Violence

Criminality has always had a certain innate sex appeal, especially on screen. There’s darkness and danger and raw, fiery passion. It’s no wonder, then, that the mythos around Bonnie and Clyde plays it up to the nth degree. The duo is remembered as a young, beautiful, and violent match made in heaven in no small part thanks to the 1967 film — by Sarah Gorr, August 15, 2017

First Viewing: Anxious Opinions

What if I don’t like it? What if I don’t understand why people hold the film in such high regard? And then I agree to put those opinions down in word so that everyone can point and laugh and say “that’s the guy that hates Bonnie and Clyde. What a charlatan. Let’s eject him from the internet” — by Alex Moore, August 16, 2017

Re-thinking the 40th Academy Awards

You can’t often look back at an Academy Awards and pinpoint a change in the industry. Sure, there are always breakout performances, budding young directors, and new innovations highlighted each and every year, but to see the changing identity of Hollywood encapsulated among the nominees is pretty extraordinary — by Aaron Pinkston, August 17, 2017

Related Review: Natural Born Killers

Watching Natural Born Killers years ago, the absurd bite of it all packed a certain punch that left me floored by the insanity it contained. The performances were overdone, the pace was frenetic. But setting down to watch it now, I had to wonder—would it hold up? — by Zachary Davis, August 18, 2017

The Cinessential Podcast, Ep. 19

Cinessential Editors John Gilpatrick, Sarah Gorr, and Aaron Pinkston celebrate the 50th anniversary of the New Hollywood kickstarter Bonnie and Clyde. Topics include: the film's lasting legacy, whether Bonnie and Clyde are likable, their favorite scenes, and more! — August 18, 2017