Opening Statement

I was broken, both physically and psychologically. I silently cursed my employers, coworkers, and clients. I silently cursed myself for going along with all of it. Then along came Network – by Alex Moore, October 31, 2016

Woe Is Us: The Mad Prophecy of Network

Cut to today and we have a reality television star running for president while major news networks feature twenty-four hours of angry rants by “anchormen.” Re-watching Network today, the satire isn’t so funny; as a matter of fact, re-watching it made me mad as hell – by Zachary Davis, November 1, 2016

Scenessential: Mad As Hell

Network is a striking film in many ways, not least of which because of the dynamic way it is filmed. The filmmaking matches the intensity, almost comically dramatic – by Felicia Elliott, November 2, 2016

Re-thinking the 49th Academy Awards

The 49th Academy Awards was packed with monumental films and performances. It was March 28, 1977, and the biggest stars in Hollywood gathered to celebrate a phenomenal film year – by John Gilpatrick, November 3, 2016

Related Review: Christine

Long after the final credits rolled, I was left pondering the tragedy of Christine. Was she just too delicate to survive in the hard world of modern broadcast news? – by Alex Moore, November 4, 2016

Further Streaming: Media Movies

We are able to see the work, sometimes step-by-step, see the personalities, see the people who are see often shielded by the greater concept of media. Just as filmmakers love to make movies about movies, they love to make movies about media – by Aaron Pinkston, November 4, 2016