Opening Statement

Thelma & Louise: Seminal female buddy film. Equal parts road trip movie and crime drama and feminist anthem – by Sarah Gorr, August 15, 2016

Ridley Scott and Women of Substance

In the scope of Ridley Scott’s filmography, Thelma & Louise sticks out like a 1966 blue Thunderbird soaring over the Grand Canyon---it doesn’t seem to belong in the same oeuvre as moody sci-fi thrillers like Blade Runner or Alien – by Mark Levine, August 15, 2016

The Invisibility of Female Antiheroes

There's a lot to like about antiheros. Their grittiness, no matter how extreme, can make them feel real in ways that Indiana Jones or Luke Skywalker don't. But there's always been something missing from the picture: women – by Sarah Gorr, August 16, 2016

Scenessential: Over the Edge

It all ends with two showdowns, both epic, both with Thelma and Louise finally in complete control of their surroundings, the men in their lives, and their own fates – by Aaron Pinkston, August 17, 2016

Related Review: Fried Green Tomatoes

Most movies, even movies about women, are still centered on their relationships to men. Fried Green Tomatoes, like Thelma & Louise is not – by Felicia Elliott, August 18, 2016

Further Streaming: Female Friendships

Thelma & Louise has gone on to inspire many female buddy pairings, but it also wasn't the first to explore the issue. The following films exploring very different types of female friendships are all available to stream now on Netflix – by Cindy Waldeck, August 19, 2016