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Do you love classic and contemporary films? Are you interested in how films from the past are reflected in today's world or connect with the history of cinema? We're looking for talented and passionate writers to explore theme, character, and narrative of films from around the world.

If you are unfamiliar with The Cinessential, each week we exclusively highlight one film, providing a deep dive into its themes, genre, major players, and cultural importance. Big Hollywood blockbusters, indie darlings, cult genre favorites, beloved classics, and underseen gems all get a spotlight, one at a time. Our group of writers provide strong opinions and unique takes whether it be in a long-form essay on an important theme, a bite-sized group of related streaming recommendations, a first-viewing fresh perspective, box office analysis, and every other angle.

If you are interested in building the discourse of cinema history and the way The Cinessential approaches film, we'd love to hear from you! No past experience in film criticism is necessary, though it helps to have some writing samples you can provide. We are looking for diverse opinions and interests, including yours.

Reach out to us through this web form or by emailing cine@thecinessential.com directly. Thank you!!!

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